This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
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Lethal Tricorn MC145MCS is a Bey owned by Becky and was created by Gingka and Co..

Face Bolt: TricornEdit

This Face Bolt represents a Tricorn: a Unicorn with three horns. It shows a green Tricorn on a yellow backround with the word "TRI" next to it meaning "three".

Energy Ring: TricornEdit

The Tricorn wheel will appear in a teal colour. It has yellow lightning bolts on the side and the side stickers is green with yellow stars. On the side of the Tricorn wheel, it has spikes going downwards. This is so it can fit in with the Lethal wheel.

Mode ChangeEdit

Turn the Tricorn wheel so it overlaps the top part of the Lethal Wheel.

Fusion Wheel: LethalEdit

Lethal is like a lightning bolt but going in a circle. It has spikes on the top and bottom of the wheel. This is so the Tricorn wheel can fit in perfectly. When the Tricorn wheel hasen't overlapped the spikes on Lethal, yellow is showing where Tricorn would be. It kinda looks like a star from ubove...

Spin Track: MC145 (Metal Claw 145)Edit

Metal Claw 145 is just like C145 but metal and sharper. But, on Lethal Tricorn, they represent three horns from a Tricorn.

Performance Tip: MCS (Metal Coated Sharp)Edit

Metal Coated Sharp is basicly Coated Sharp but metal. The rubber is still coating it.

Beast: TricornEdit

Tricorn is the Beast within the Bey. It looks like Unicorno's (Striker) but with two extra horns.

Special MovesEdit

Tricorn: Three Way Smash!

Tricorn has the ability to move very, very quicky like its invisible. It can appear suddenly out of any three points, giving counter attacks.

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