Laughing Copycat LOLMI

Laughing Copycat LOLMI is a mimic Bey. It mimic's the stats of the opposing Bey. It can spin left or right. Shade owns Copycat.

Face Bolt: CopycatEdit

The facebolt features a Magician wielding a mirror infront of his face. It has the power of "magic". Similar to a genie this Face Bolt is the "mirror" to this Copycat.

Energy Ring: CopycatEdit

Copycat is a purpel energy ring. It has mini-eye's on it and is similar to Horseus's. It feeds power and has a gravitational force.

Fusion Wheel: LaughingEdit

Laughing is a black Fusion Wheel that sends power outwards, pushing the opposing Bey away occasionally.

Spin Track: LOLEdit

LOL is a spin track that has massive stamina and defense. It is short and cann't be affected by anything similar to Whiplash due to not enough of it showing.

Performance Tip: MIEdit

MI (Mirror Image) is a perfect combination of Attack and Balance. It has a sharp tip, but leans slightly.


  • Eye of Force: Eye of Force forces the enemy to ram into Copycat due to gravity from his energy ring.
  • Eye of Peace: Copycat slams the other Bey into the air just when the ability is being activated, caneling it out.
  • Eye of the World: Causes the ground to pop up and make the opposing Bey run into it
Laughing Copycat LOLMI's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
50 40 30 110 40

Special Move(s)Edit

  • Mirror Image: Giants Mirror's surrond the opposing Bey, closing in on it forcing it to either jump out and lose stamina, or sleep out.

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