Jeremiah Varontine is a semi-main protagonist in Beyblade: Metal X. He is also the main proatgonist in Beyblade: The Never-Ending War. He is friends with Chance Bryanto.
Jeremiah Varontine
Also known as: DarkKingH99, 'Miah
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Rock Gasher DF145WB

Chaos Gasher C:D

Gender: Male
Race: Columbian
Age: 13
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Family: Mother, Father
Friends: Chance Bryanto, Michael Kurone, Monty Rikizen
Enemies: Monty Rikizen
Occupation: Blader
Quote: ""Damn it!!""
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Beyblade: Metal X - Chapter 1


Jeremiah has a tannish skin tone. He also has black hair. Strangely, he is slightly shorter than the average human. There is no appearent cause for this phenomenon. He is also seen wearing a variety of shirts and other clothes.


Jeremiah is severly racist to people from Asia and Africa. He is also highly loyal to his friends. He claims he has no fear, but his real fear is zombies, as revealed in Beyblade: The Never-Ending War. Usually, in order to get himself out of trouble or to make a good first impression, he starts fake complimenting people. This usually backfires. In order to look cool, he usually lies. However, unlike when he uses fake compliments, this ususally works.


Beyblade: Metal XEdit

World Championships ArcEdit

Jeremiah is part of Team Starbladers.

Kronos ArcEdit

Jeremiah is helping Chance try to defeat Chaos End.

Legendary Blader Legacy ArcEdit

Jeremiah is the second Legendary Blader. He is part of Kyoya's legacy.

The Egyptian Gods, Horus and Anubis ArcEdit

Jeremiah owns Anubis.

Beyblade: The Never-Ending WarEdit

Jeremiah appears in Beyblade: The Never-Ending War as the main protagonist. He is the leader of Sector A. Jeremiah is, appearently, the decendent of not only Jesus, but also Satan. This grants him not only a Spartan Form, but also a Demonic Angel Form. At the end of the story, Jeremiah dies, but then it is realized that it was only just a dream. This time appears to be set in Beyblade: Metal X, right before the Legendary Blader Legacy Arc.


Jeremiah's Bit-Beast is Crab (kani 蟹).

Rock Gasher's Bit-Beast

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