This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-007 Javelin Unihorn is the eigth release in the Micro Disk System Beyblades. It is a Class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: UnihornEdit

Unihorn resembles a cartoon-style profile of a Unicorn head. (Trans. Light Green)

Contact Ring: JavelinEdit

Javelin is an A-Class ring. Javelin has a thin embossed pattern of U-shaped points (Vaguely resembling hooves). It is focused on sustaining its position during combat.

Body Shell: Shallow Defense WideEdit

Shallow Defense wide has a square rim with cut corners, this adds volatile smash for downforce attacks. Shallow is the lowest sitting shell. (Trans. Light Green)

Spinpoint Shaft: Shallow ShaftEdit

This is the lowest shaft. It pinpoints the contact ring directly to a greater or equal height to the top's opponent. (Trans. White)

Spinpoint: Silicon Semi-BallEdit

Semi-Ball is designed similar to Mini-Ball. In the respects that the surface at the very end has a standard spherical diameter. Whereas the outter area is sloped densely. This adds an automatic acceleration for travel. (Trans. Light Green)

Silicon is a light material compared to the plastic used in the MDS' other parts and Fusion Wheel system. It is ideal for friction equalization on particular stadiums.

Other Versions:Edit

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