Iron Wolf 100 M.H is an Attack- Type bey own by Hadier.

Iron Wolf 100 M.H


Normal launcher

Face bolt: Wolf II Edit

Wolf's facebolt depicts Lupus, one of the 88 constellations in space. It shows three wolf faces with equal distance between them. It resembles Kerbec's facebolt. It is black in colour.

Energy ring: Wolf IIEdit

The edges of the Clear wheel consists of 2 wolf heads and 2 wolf tails on the ring similar to Pegasis but heavier. It increases attack and defense of bey due to it's contact ponits and shape. It is translucent black in colour.

Fusion Wheel: IronEdit

Iron is a small wheel in diameter, but it's thick and strong. The wheel contains smooth ridges on the side and no gaps in between to increase defense and reduce recoil. It outclasses wheels like Bakushin and Basalt/Twisted defense due to it's shape.

Spin track:100Edit

Weight:1.29 grams

100 is third-lowest spin track current avalible,but is outclassed in terms of attack and stamina by 85 and 90.Despite being overshadowed by those aforementioned spin tracks,100 still contains use a decent spin track for attack types;as its height can provide decent contact with opponemt bey and can be use as subtitued when 85 and 90 are not available

Performance Tip:M.H (Metal Haze) Edit

M.H is a unique tip that contains metal in the center while the outside is made out of rubber, it acts like CS. But instead of the Tip being sharp, it is Semi-Metal Ball. Due to it's rubber, it acts more like an attack tip, but it redeems defense and balance properties.

Abilities Edit

'Demon Crash': In this attack the bey jumps off a stadium edge with the rubber of it's tip and goes into the air and then it hits opponent's bey this attack is similar to pegasis star blast attack .

'Wolf Spirit Attack': The bey moves in a circular pattern and will smash any bey that comes in contact with it.

Howl of Pain: The Bey runs it's Fusion wheel on the stadium to create a sonic noise that can affect the blader and the bey.

Special MovesEdit

Call of Undead Wolf Army: Wolf (Beast) appears and calls an army of undead wolves and charge into the opponent.They tair down opponent beast(using there fangs and claws).

Stats:IronwolfV145M.H Edit

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