This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Ira Griffin M:F
Griffin 3

Ira Griffin is owned by Pablo Hernadaz and was created by Gingka and Co..

[Pictures Still To Come. Unfinished.]

Face Bolt: GriffinEdit

The Facebolt despicts The Griffin. In Greek Mytholigy, the Griffin was half lion, half eagle. The Griffin Facebolt has a yellow Griffin on a light blue background. Under the Griffin, it says Griffin in yellow and has a flame-like design.

Energy Ring: GriffinEdit

The Griffin Energy Ring is greyish-blue and as a wing like design to represent an Eagles wings. At one end, it looks like an Eagles head. The Griffin wing has like a Lion's tail design on it.

Metal Wheel: IraEdit

Metal Frame:Edit

The Metal Frams has four Eagle legs sticking out. The Legs are painted gold and ends in silver claws.


The Core has for Lion legs. The

4D Bottom: Metal ForceEdit

Special MoveEdit

Griffin's GallaryEdit

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