This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Insanity Theseus SW145RD

Insanity Theseus SW145RD is a Beyblade in The Delta Triangle. He represents the Unknown Element in the triangle. He is owned by Munro Golds. He is a Defense type Beyblade. He is a good friend to Galaxy Perseus.

Facebolt: TheseusEdit

The Facebolt depicts Theseus, the legendary hero of Athens, the son of Posiedon. The Facebolt shows a sideview of a purple helmet very much like Perseus. This is printed on a white facebolt.

Energy Ring: TheseusEdit

Theseus is a black Energy Ring that can only be fitted onto the Insanity Wheel. This Energy Ring has two modes, Sword Mode and Shield Mode. It has purple stickers that can be applied all over the ring.

Fusion Wheel: InsanityEdit

This wheel resembles Sol but in purple. It has twelve ridges that give good defense. This wheel can only be fited with the Theseus Energy Ring. This is a very good Defense Wheel. It also has considerable Attack.

Spin Track: SW145Edit

Switch 145 has three "wings" that can be removed or switched to make it in Defense mode or Attack mode.

Performance Tip: Rubber DefenseEdit

This tip is great for Defense customisations. It is rubber which gives grip to the stadium floor maximizing defense. RD is about as wide as an EDS tip.

Special MovesEdit

Shock-Run Dropdown: Insanity Theseus' first finishing move.

Death Drop: Insanity Theseus' second finishing move.

Craze Attack: Insanity Theseus' third finishing move.



  • The Insanity wheel can be fitted with both Perseus and Theseus wheels.
  • The Theseus Energy Ring can be fitted with the Gravity Wheel.

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