Industrial Dragoon LW85C:D

Industrial Dragoon LW85C:D is an Attack-Type owned by Destruction87

Face Bolt: DragoonEdit

The creature on this face bolt resembles an ancient robotic dragon, claimed to be a guardian of some sorts. Said to have been created by an ancient but intelligent race to protect them from alien invaders.

4D Fusion Wheel: IndustrialEdit

Metal frame: This metal frame has a complex design and if you look closely it shows a dragon head entagled in metal piping, creating a strong current around the bey. The frame is great for upper attacks, as it hits enemy beys from below and pushes them off the stadium floor.

Core: The Industrial Core is designed after a cogwheel and focuses on hitting those rubber tipped beys. As the cogs on the wheel hit the opponent it connects with great force, this sudden burst in damage combined with the upper attack of the Metal frame makes rubber tipped beys loose their grip and forces them out of balance.

Spin Track: Light Wing 85Edit

This track features four hollowed out wings, designed to increase aerodynamics to stabilize the Beyblade during high speeds. It cuts through the wind from the fusion wheel to create downforce acting as a gyro effect to keep the otherwise unstable beyblade balanced.

4D Performance Tip: Creation DriveEdit

Creation Drive is a low and powerful tip designed for high speeds and mobility. From time to time it changes direction and while doing so, gets a huge burst in speed. It's main attack comes from the huge burst which makes it circle around it's opponent and attacking from behind.

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