Hyper Lacerta 90 HF/MS

Face Bolt: Edit

Lacerta is The face bolt it depicts a Great Land Lizard as shown in the picture to the right. It is depicted on a clear red face bolt.

Energy Ring: Edit

The Energy Ring Is the normal Lacerta energy ring that has pretty equal stats it is a clear red energy ring.

Fusion Wheel:Edit

The fusion wheel is Hyper which has 4 attack blades and instead of blue Paint it has red paint.

Spin Track:Edit

90 is the spin track this is the second lowest spin track that has been created so far the only problem about this spin track is hitting the ground because of the hight.

Performance Tip:Edit

This is the most interesting part of the bey the tip is HF/SM Hole Flat and Metal Spike the performance tip can change from MS to HF so the bey can dissapear because of the rapid change in speed. This tip is always ripped on MS at the beggining of the match.


Burning Hyper Drive: The beys MS performance tip creates great friction with the stadium to make sparks and the bey rushes with the sparks and switches to HF and its like a bullet of fire.

Lacerating Tail Strike: Lacerta rushes at the opposing bey with MS and changes to HF right befor contact and appears behing the bey and Strikes it.

Timspestuous Blazing Whirlwind: The bey stands Still on MS and uses the sparks and the air current circulating around the bey to make a fire tornado. It can only Be used in and outside stadium.

Special Move:Edit

Hyper Assault Barrage: The bey changes between tips to dissapear and reappear to hit the opposing bey many times the movement is so fast this move cannot be dodged.

Hyper Lacerta 90 HF/MS's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
20 120 50 70 60

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