Hurriane pantra is the first offical partner of Suika Hagne. Her Spirit name is Felis.

"汝が飛ぶ火花は私にパワーを与えるために降りる!" Felis's Mystic Arte in Japanese translated as "Thou sparks fly down to give me power!"


Felis(フェイ Fei) is the current leader of Silisa. She was one of the 30 beyblades of the star fragment. As a cub she was bethorthed to Storm pegasus (Baldo)

Face bolt: Pantra IEdit

The facebolt depics the mythical beast Panther the beast who feast for one day sleeps for two.

Energy ring: Pantra IEdit

The energy ring is made from yellow Sunstone and depics two panthers trying to chatch the others tail. It is deisnied to be top-heavy in order to stay on the ground as it preformes Wind-Electic based moves.

Metal wheel: HurricaneEdit

The Hurricane wheel has of three Claw like forms, and was desined spceificly for Hurricane Pantra.

Spin track: 125Edit

The 125 spin track is a mid height Attack/Defense Spin track.

Preformace tip: Rubber flatEdit

It is rubber which gives grip on the stadium floor, providing it with more defense and allowing Beyblades to move around the stadium, fast. like most other attack bottoms, Rubber Flat has poor stamina, so it has to beat the opponent in a very short amount of time.


  • Hurricane Pantra has never beaten a Pegasus type, this is due to a desein feature of the Pegasus and Pantra Energy Rings that pervent dirrect battles against the respective Energy rings.
  • Hurricane Pantra's Sprirt name: Felis means Cat in Latin.

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