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Horus The Sky God
VulcanHoruseus 1

Face Bolt: HoruseEdit

The face bolt depicuss horus the egyption winged god, the face is a metal face bolt.

Energy Ring: HoruseusEdit

The energy ring has two eyes and two wings that circle around the fusion wheel and its really good at swirling up the surrounding air to use as attack or defense.

Fusion Wheel: VulcanEdit

The fusion wheel Vulcan is a really good defense wheel, the surface area of the wheel is twice as thick as other wheels, so it has amazing defensive powers, the two wings on the side can swirl up air in sync with the fusion wheel.

Spin Track: 145Edit

The spin track 145 is a normal 145 that is just golden in color similar to the energy depictied on the top right corner.

Performance Tip: MDEdit

The performance tip stands for metal defense, its like the regualr defense tip just metal. The metal makes alot of friction and heat so its hard to move the sparks that come up form the performance tip fly outwards in all directions so there unpreditcable where it will land. This performance tip allows the bey to balance on the very edge of the stadium so it is really hard to get a stadium out, and it can evade beys quickly by using the point on the performance tip to manouver fast.


Burst Wind: the bey swirls up the surrounding air and then shoot its into little burst that move very fast.

Heat Shield: the friction from the performance tip creates sparks and heat and the bey uses that to creat a ball of firey wind around itself for defense.

Wind Revive: the bey swirls up surrounding wind and speeds it up to creat more stamina.

Special MoveEdit

Mystic Winds: The bey using the wind around it to make a great flash that blinds the whole stadium and creates burst of wind to knock the bey out of the stadium. It uses the flash so no one can see the secret to the move.

Horus The Sky God's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
40 40 70 110 60

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