Hikari is a blader, and the older sister of Kira, though many people find it hard to believe they are related.

Biographical information
Aliases Kari
Gender Female
Age 18

19 (Plus/R)

23 (Plus/Z)

Past Beyblade(s) Flooding Isis OH145ELS
Current Beyblade(s) Flooding Yin Dragonisis
Relatives Kira - Younger Sister
Friends Xiao Des


Occupation(s) Blader; Secret Agent
Behind the scenes
User Lepus


Hikari is a young woman with grey-blue eyes, she has black hair which she wears down past her waist. She wears a simple cream dress, with a matching headband and heels.


Introverted and pensive, Hikari is far more serious than her sister. She is in many ways Kira's opposite. Hikari is has a more practical, no nonsense personality and rarely shows major emotion. While she might seem irritated or annoyed, Hikari is usually very calm, collected and civil. Aside from her sister, Hikari finds people difficult to comprehend and avoids too much interaction when she can. Blading is one of the few things she finds pleasure in and can connect to other people over.  


Hikari uses Flooding Yin Dragonisis, a powerful defence-type beyblade of unknown origin.


Hikari and her sister Kira come from Koonoshima, and island off the coast of Japan. At some point she became employed by the WBBA and is currently helping the global beyblade promotion tour. As of yet, not much else is known of their history.