Hidden Canine T:S
Hell Canine
Shadow Fox
Facebolt: Canine Static Re-quip: Shaded Heat
Canine depicts Canis Majoris, the greater dog and one of 88 constellations in space. it is trans. dark red in colour. Shaded Heat allows for the Speed to increase due to the heat provided from friction with the rubber tip R:S, Located as a shield around the tip and as a base attachment to Hidden Inside.
Clear Wheel: Canine Metal Wheel: Hidden
Canine is a ragged, 2-sided clear wheel It CANNOT be modified due to it being screwed in with the metal fusion wheel. One side of Canine is smooth, or know as, the Slip side of the energy ring. The other side is completely ragged and bumpy, or known as the Crush side of the energy ring. they can be switched during battle, usually when Canine is losing power. Canine is dark red in colour Hidden is a Metal wheel with two sides attached to make one ring. One side is very ragged and has a chain-shaped edge for it, named the "Crush" side. The opposing side to it, is particularly flat and very smooth, for some reason acts as if it'd been just polished. This side named "Slip". The bey, on command, can switch between each side at owners command, but if switched more than 4 times in a minute, the bey will burn out or "overheat" causing less control and may spiral out of control, even immobilizing it from Special use.
Core: Hidden inside 4D Tip: T:S (Tip Switch)
Hidden's Core is used to balance out the beyblade. The Core is sort of like a mini-Hidden, but switched on it's sides, meaning Crush is on Slips side, and vice versa. it's perfectly flat unlike Hidden, and has the slits for Hidden to fit, and hasa a section for the Facebolt to fit in the very center. T:S, or Tip Switch, is used by Hell Canine so it can destroy its enemies. This performance tip can switch into five modes; Water Defense, Fire Defense and Rubber Defense. It switches mode by lowering the current tip into the upper balance layer and then the rotating shaft on the inside rotates to the next tip.
  • Water Defense (W:D): The tip has two hidden shafts that let in moisture in the air and then release it after the inner core of the tip cools the air creating a dew from the second shaft.
  • Flame Defense (F:D): The tip has a hidden hole at the bottom of the tip that absorbs friction creating heat which is stored inside the inner core of the tip and then can be released through the same hole.
  • Rubber Defense (R:D): This tip is covered with rubber and can be used to mainly bounce off the stadium.
  • Stone Defense (S:D): This tip is covered in stone and makes the beyblade heavy. Usually makes the stamina decrease.
  • Jump Defense (J:D): This tip has a spring attached and makes the beyblade bounce super high.

Hidden Canine T:S
Hell Canine
Shadow Fox
Flame from Hell - When Hidden Canine is battling in the Cage stadium, He can use Fire Defense to ignite the cage to make it on fire.

Ice Walk - When W:D is in play, if this ability is played, the Water Defense becomes ice when the cold performance tip gets too cold.

Vortex of Hell - When Fire Defense is in play, if Hidden Canine races the stadium with enough speed, it can create a vortex of fire.

Special Move

Canines of Hell - Hidden Canine now Charges at the opponent and switches to the Crush Mode and The Tip Switch changes into Stone Mode and tries to destroy the opponent bey completely.

Hidden Canine T:S
Hell Canine
Shadow Fox
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
Number: 0 Number:0
Percentile: 0% Percentile: 0%
Attack: 16
Defense: 15
Speed: 14
Endurance: 22
Balance: 19
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

Hidden Canine T:S
Hell Canine
Shadow Fox
*Hidden Canine T:S is based off of Canis Major, the greater dog and one of the 88 constellations in space.

Hidden Canine T:S
Hell Canine
Shadow Fox

Hidden Canine T:S/Gallery

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