HellKerbex is a Beyblade maniac that creates many stories in real life and loves to battle. He knows the true importance of a Blader's Spirit. He is also an avid video and computer freak, as he has a channel on YouTube and is called rynorandy, but also has a partnership with CycloneGalaxy on YouTube, as he is a member of their group and has posted 2 videos on their channel with the name Bey M@ster, which is HellKerbex's WBO username. His bey is currently Magmatic Master, but his bey was filled with dark power in a stadium. HellKerbex smashed this bey, but fixed it so that it has it's old spirit again. Since it needs time to change completely back to normal, he has started to use a new bey, Omnirage Zeuus. Since Kerbex is now accompanied to Zeuus, he decided to sell Master for 200 EXP.

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