Helios Blazer D:S

Helios Blazer is Helios' second Beyblade. This Bey is made of out Lava instead of Sun. How this is Possible: Basically Helios Launched Sol Blaze into lava thus making Helios Blaze. This is a 4D Bey, He is Also a LR Bey.

Face Bolt: HeliosEdit

The face on this beyblade depicts a a Lava Monster when its spinning it looks like a Sun. Usally Helios has a Metal Face. Whenever this is shwoing a sun while spinning that means its spinning fast, When its slow it will look like a monster.

4D Energy Ring: HeliosEdit

On the Energy Ring of the Beyblade it looks like a monsters head with claws. The color is Clear Orange/Non-Clear Black. Its Energy Ring is LR but this works best on R mode.

4D Fusion Wheel: BlazerEdit

The Fusion Wheel Blazer looks like the Sol Blaze Energy Ring. Since this is metal and made out of Lava it sometimes breaks the oppenents beyblade. This is Extremely dangerous on L mode.


The Core is a translucent Red made of complete metal, which makes this a "PC Core" of some sort. Due to this, it provides the amount of weight from the centre, allowing for maximum Stamina potential. Because the Metal Frame is a smooth metal outer side of the Wheel, it allows it to focus all of the weight on to the outerside of the Wheel. This gives it the best Stamina it can achieve. In design, the Core resembles somewhat of a miniature version of Scythe and being round as a whole. When the Claws are facing up it will be Attack, When Claws are facing down it will spin freely thus making it Defence.

4D Performance Tip: D:S (Divine Sun)Edit

The 4D Preformance tip on this Beyblade is Considered like the D:D/F:S, But it only has two tips -EWD and WD- and It starts like this: you may choose what mode it may be on first, WD or EWD then when it gets slower it will change ino WD or EWD. The best mode this should be on is WD to EWD. If not then EWD to WD might get it Un-Balanced.

Special MoveEdit

Heat Death -Makes Lava shoot out of ground making oppenents beys melt or makes oppoenent's beyblade turn into the opposite type like: Attack into Stamina,Stamina into Balance,Balance into Defence,Defence into Attack


Past Time -Makes Helios Blazer turn into Sol Blaze for a period of time so it will have an advantage against the oppoenent.

Sun Destroyer -Makes the sun come closer thus making the weather change

Monster Join - Makes Helios Blazer and Sol Blaze come together and attack the oppoenent.

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