Face Bolt:Twister.Edit

The Twister Face Bolt Design Is Three Tornados With Spikes With The Letters Twister Is Bubble Letters In The Text Color Of White.

Clear Wheel:TwisterEdit

A Clear white wheel that ressembles Orso and Horogium/Tempo but more circular. It's Weight is well Balanced. good for Defense and Balance properties.

4D Metal Wheel:HazardEdit

Is Like The Death Wheel With The Big Bang Wheel Mixxed Together With Rubber Spikes (For Stealing Spin) That Come Out When You Switch The Mode From Barrage Mode And If You Switch The PC Frame 360 Degrees,It Changes To Savage Mode.

PC Frame:Edit

Twister Has Rubber Spikes In It To Help It Steal Alot Of Spin To Help You Win.


Twister Is Alot Like Phantom Orion's Exsept Hazard Twister's Is Metal.

4D Tip:Edit

B:S/Bearing Survive Is Pretty Interesting,It Has A Round Thing Of Steel Metal In It That Helps It Spin For 15 mins. And When It Starts To Loose Its Defence/W2D,It Changes To Attack/CS,This 4D Tip Is Alot Like CS.

Hazard Twister B:S's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
50 60 50 100 50

Special Moves:Twisting Hazard Crash,Tornado Laser Sting

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