This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Halloween Lantern I:S

Halloween Lantern I:S is a balance type bey created by Duncan Ravenclaw as a part of the Holiday Series

Facebolt: LanternEdit

The facebolt depicts Jack o' Lantern and shows a grinning carved Pumpkin.

Energy Ring: LanternEdit

The Lantern energy ring gives the impression of a pumpkin. It has got four slits, two in the form of eyes while two in the form of grinning mouths. The fluorosecent yellow core is visible from these slits. It is coloured orange.

Fusion Wheel: HalloweenEdit

Core: TrickEdit

The core is a fluoroscent yellow coloured that emits a hazy yellow glow, giving the bey a scary look.

Metal Frame: TreatEdit

The metal frame, colored black, has five axe-like blades perfect for attack as well as deffence. The five blades can shift to lower attack mode. In this mode the blades become slanted with the attacking part of the blades faces down. This mode is used for the special move.

4D Performance Tip: Immortal: SpinEdit

The performance tip I:S is a tip that can be used for attack, deffence as well as stamina, but is best for stamina and balance type beys.

Special MoveEdit

Death Axe: The bey switches to lower attack mode and is surrounded by the hazy glow from the fusion wheel. It bounces and attacks the opponent from above crushing it with enough force to burry the opposing bey.

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