Lightning Dragon Tornado

stage one L-Drago Destruction Beast

Grief L-Drago D:S is an attack type bey owned by FastBlade's lost relative, Thesules. Grief L-Drago is a dark bey, and has only Dark Moves. Grief L-Drago aslo has 3 stages of toleration: 1, Destruction stage. 2, Anger stage, and finnaly the strongest of the two, Death Maker.

Face Bolt: L-Drago IIIIEdit

This L-Drago face is made from PURE GOLD but weighs slightly less than a Metal Face. The print of L-Drago is etched in the gold, and Deplicts a might Dragon causes chaos and death.

2nd mode

Energy Ring: L-Drago IIIIEdit

This L-Drago ring is made from silver and rubber, and can absorb hits and steal spin if needed. Like other L-Drago rings, this ring has 3 heads to deal attacks. L-Drago IIII can also move 180 degrees opposite and move into firece Death mode, where the heads act as "Fangs" and opening are Claws, when the Opening hits, the opposing bey is really hit with the Grief wheel. L-Drago IIII can also deal gre
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Final Stage, Death Maker

at upper smashes as well. L-Drago IIII can only fit on Grief, however.

4D Wheel: GriefEdit

Grief has six noticable "Heads" or "Fangs" that are oviously used for attacking.

PC Frame: The PC Frame has a Light-Gray color and is quiet thin. It actually has no meaning or use at all in Grief.

Will finish Grief later :P

4D Bottom: Destruction:StrengthEdit

D:S is a wide 4D bottom, and is about the height of a 135D combo. D:S is a triple tip changer, at first it is a Flat tip, then it is actually OPTIONAL to go to the XF mode, finnaly finnishing with possibly the strongest attack tip, XR2F. (Xtreme Right Rubber Flat)

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