This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-017 Granite Alpheon is the eighteenth release in the Micro Disk System. It is a class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: AlpheonEdit

Alpheon, like Scales and Hydronix, use the literal symbol resembling the Astrological sign. With "LEO" engraved below the end. There is also an engraved ">:3" seen on the internal-curving of the symbol. (Trans. Olive)

Contact Ring: GraniteEdit

Granite is a Class-A ring. It is the first one to have a truly rough-edged pattern, with engraved faults and embossed "tectonics" resembling the typical nature of Granite's physical attributes. This gives the top an edge in randomized striking.

Spinpoint: Shallow BallEdit

Shallow Ball is the Micro Disk System equivalent to the Hybrid Wheel System's Wide Ball. It functions with similar balance and travel attributes. (Trans. Olive)

Spinpoint Shaft: Tall ShaftEdit

This is the second-highest shaft. It is focused on downforce smashing. (Ceramic White)

Body Shell: Neutral BalanceEdit

A generic all-medium shell for essential balance.(Ceramic White)

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