Glacial dragonfly beast

Glacial Dragonfly's beast

This is the third bey made by Saturoda.It is an attack type.

Facebolt: DragonflyEdit

Dragonfly is a white facebolt featuring a Dragonfly. It absorbs moisture particles through it's sponge-like design.

Energy Ring: DragonflyEdit

It has a insect wing print with small spaces that have an insect head. It shows two dragonflies in a predominantly circular form. It can store wind for it's high speed spin ability, Dragonfly Boost.

Fusion wheel: GlacialEdit

It is white and jagged. It provides smash attack for the bey with it's jagged ends and defense with it's circular shape. It can freeze the moisture absorbed through it's facebolt and fire ice shards at it's opponent. It is a special move called Glacial Crush.

Spin Track: Triple Wing 150Edit

It has three free spinning wings that could either smash the opponent or provide defense. It can be removed and flipped to lock it in place. That provides defense against attacks. If flipped to free spinning, it can hook opponents and smash them from above. It can also tilt to produce recoil and launch it into the air. It is the only known Spin Track of 150 height.

Performance Tip: Coat FlatEdit

Coat Flat is a Flat performance tip coated in rubber. It is similar to CS and RMF. It provides a flat tips movement or, tilted, a Rubber Flats grip.

Special MoveEdit

Glacial Crush: Freezes water particles stored in Facebolt and launches them at opponents.


Dragonfly Boost: Gives a spin boost. Limit: 3



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