This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Gigan Roc E:S

Gigan Roc E:S is a Beyblade that belonging to Marcopolo (in character), this Beyblade is Balance-Type Beyblade in 4D mode. This beyblade spin to the left.

Face Bolt : RocEdit

Roc Face Bolt despict the legendary bird of Saudi Arabia, the Face Bolt has an shape, most likely Jupiter+Quetzalcoatl, it's colored Translucent Golden Yellow.

4D Energy Ring : RocEdit

This Ring shaped 2 Birds with a thick head, sharp twists wing, and a shape of kite between the 2 birds. It is colored sparkling Golden Yellow for the head and the shape of kite, and colored orange and Golden Yellow for the wings. It is has very great Attack and Defense.

4D Wheel : GiganEdit

PC FrameEdit

This Frame shaped like two wings shaped a circle with a segmented. It is colored Orange, and great for Defense.

Metal FrameEdit

This Frame shaped like 5 protrusions like wings pointed upwards, it is colored Golden Yellow. This Frame can changes to Attack-Absorb Mode, and Defense-Absorb Mode.


This Core just like the PC Frame, but shaped like 5 protrusions like 3 parts of bones with a segmented. It is colored Red, just like it's color, this Core made out of Rubber. It can matched with the Metal Frame to make Defense-Absorb Mode, and Attack-Absorb Mode.

4D Performance Tip : E:S (Eternal Survive)Edit

This Performance Tip has a poor Stamina, but great in Defense and hard to fall. It is almost like B:D (Bearing Drive)+AS (Around Sharp), it has 3 rings that eternal and, very great defense from low attacker, like Mercury Anubius, also it has a Eternal Bowl like AS, and all of that mounted by an Eternal Stick. It has many Metal Ball inside this Performance tip. It is Colored Brownish Golden.


-This Bey is spinning to the left like L-Drago.

-If Gigan Roc was attacked, it just add more and many stamina, by mixing all of this part, it can make an Ultra Balance just like Death Quetzalcoatl.

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