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Giant Banana 95XWF is an Attack-Type Beyblade. It owns the widest flat tip and widest Fusion Wheel.

Face Bolt:Banana.Edit

The Face Bolt Banana depicts a Banana one of 2000 fruits of the world.

4D Energy Ring:BananaEdit

The Energy Ring Banana looks like two bananas next to each other. It Doesn't have anything special about it.

4D Fusion Wheel:GiantEdit

Giant is the largest Fusion Wheel Yet. It has a very similar mode change to "Wing Pegasis 90WF"

Metal Frame:

Giant's Metal Frame is like Blitz and Wing's Metal Frame except it has 4 "wings" instead of three.


Giant's Core is very much like Blitz's Core except bigger and it's a little differently shaped.It feature's a 0, a 1,a 2 and a 3.It's modes are "Drill Mode",Ultra Drill Mode",Smash Mode and Protection Mode.

In Drill Mode it features 4 "Wings".In Ultra Drill Mode it features 4 "Wings" and all 4 "Wings" on the Metal Frame are protruding out.In Smash Mode it features 4 "Wings" and 1 "Wing" from it's Metal Frame protruding out.In Protection Mode the 4 "Wings" from the Metal Frame are in the gaps between the 4 "Wings" on the Core.

Spin Track:95Edit

95 is the third-highest Spin Track. It's very good in Attack and Stamina-Type customizations.

Performance Tip:XWF (Extreme Wide Flat)Edit

XWF is the widest flat Performance Tip.It goes extremely spastic and works very well with large and heavy Fusion Wheels.It does not have much Stamina but has extremely strong Attack power.


Banana PeelEdit

This ability makes the opposing bey lose control.

Energy SnackEdit

This ability makes the Banana speed up and Banana's Attack Power Increases.

Banana FlingEdit

This ability makes Banana shoot high-speed air-shaped bananas.

Special Move(s)Edit

Banana TrapEdit

Banana traps the opposing bey and then starts constantly attacking, then it jumps in the air turns to it side and then smashes down on the opposing bey then it flicks that bey into the air and starts creating an air-field that spins counter-clockwise.

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