Gandora The Dragon of Destruction
Face Bolt: Gandora Re-quip: Phase Orbs
This is a pitch black face bolt with shap spikes sticking out. It has a black dragon on it. To the side are small orbs with photon generators. These generators use the enrgy from the performace tip to fire lazer beams. This requip is attatched on the face bolt. It is in the shape of a cage, covering the entire bey. On the bars, are orbs. These special orbs, are spread across the bey. They are made of a special glass that is stronger than plexyglass and bulletproof glass. Within the core, are photon generators. These generators take in the photons from the sun and other forms of light through their strucutre. They then reformat the photons and fire them off as lazers.
Energy Ring: Dragon Fusion Wheel: Destruction
This E.R is a pitch black one, with several disk mirros attatched to it. This energy ring works like a barrier and protects the entire bey, being only .00000005 nanometers from the ground. At the center of the mirro are small orbs, the same ones on the face bolt. They do the same as the one on the F.B but have larger generators and higher frequency, which results in higher strength. This Magnetic Wheel allows the several mirros on the energy ring to move and reformat due to the polairyt between the two. It also allows the spikes on the face bolt to move around, using the same trick, polarity. It is a deep black wheel, and is hidden by the energy ring.
Spin Track & Core: Gandora Performance Tip: Destruction
This spin track is a metalic black track. It like the rest of the bey has small orbs. These orbs however act as conductors, which send out the kinetic energy from the core and tip to the energy wheel, which in turn amplifies the power. It too can shoot lasers. These lasers do not hit a bey, but instead amplif the orbs in the Energy Ring, allowing for stronger photons.

This special core allows the performance tip to collect kinetic energy due to the material it is made of. This core is made of a special combination of copper, gold, and silver. Due to the electronic configuration, it is not complete, and therefore forces the performance tip to collect kinetic energy to gain full electronic configuration, but do to the massive use of energy in the photons lasters, the bey can never fully complete the configuration and in turn will take in energy from the moment its launched. Kinetic energy is released from everything, including temperature, the beys, the bladers, and the vibrations of the arena, making it a perfect power source.

A tall 1 cm tip, made out of dragon fang. Because of its reaction with the core of the bey, it must always collect electrons by form of kinetic energy. This sharp tip allows for stirdy movements, with sharp turns. It also prevents rust due to the several layer of bone.

Gandora The Dragon of Destruction

The Dragons Rage

This Bey rushes you repeatedly. Thanks to the exterior surface and fusion wheel, you take twice the damage. While rushing, it will launch one of the spikes on the wheel gripping into your bey. It will then send your bey constantly back and forth in the motion of a yo-yo sedinging it into Gandora's spikes, which are moved from the face bolt, using the magnets within the fusion wheel. Afterwards, it will swing your bey and send it flying out of the arena.

Boundless Gigarays

Gandora goes to center turf of the arena. Afterwards, it sends out infra red, phaser lazers. Should these come in contact with any form of matter, it is destroyed due to the strength of the kinetic energy. Due to the mirrors being outside Gandora he is unaffected. These beems do move, as the mirrors move with the beys spin. They are sent out using the generator inside the fusion wheel, energy ring, performance tip, spin track, and face bolt.

The Prisim Trick

By placing the mirros in a prism formation, Gandora can regain stamina and balance while the tip keeps it still and above ground, allowing the spin within the diamond to multiply the force and send it back to Gandora. It can aslo fire out small lasers at incoming objects to keep it safe.

Special Move

Gandora Garrote: Gandora's Beast will come out as the bey disappears. Afterwards Gandora will take his claw, and force your beast or constelation out. Due to his size, dodging is extremly hard. He will then grapple and trap your Bey with his mighty wings. Gandora will next take his claws, shove them 2 feet in at the bottom of your beast's chin, and lean the chin up. Next he will take his tail and wrap it tightly around its neck. He will finish it off by applying force until your beast can no longer breath. As your bey tries to struggle, it will bleed from the holes created by the claws, releasing even more oxygen. With the beast out of commision, the bey will stop by the Laws of a Bey. Should you beast not have a chin, or require oxygen, it well be grappled, until it breaks apart.

Gandora The Dragon of Destruction
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Attack: 10
Defense: 30
Speed: 15
Endurance: 15
Balance: 15
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