This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Galaxy Proto 90HF is a Beyblade seen in Hidden Origins: Spiral and is the first Beyblade of Dr. Ziggurat.

Face Bolt: CetusEdit

Cetus is a widely used Facebolt of ambiguous origin. The only possible link this has is to Ketos, as a contemporary- or Omega- constellation. Using the literal naming instead of the greek-distinguished one. (Clear Pale Purple)

Clear Wheel: Proto Zig-ZagEdit

This is the most commonly used and produced wheel (Other than GENERAL), or a "boring-man's Escolpio"- aptly called so for being an Escolpio without the large protrusions molded in, and the ridged grainy texturing in and on top continue in a 360 Circle. The type symbol for ATTACK/DEFENSE/STAMINA/BALANCE are located on one or two of the 'decal banks' (the intersecting shapes connected to it's facebolt loop).

This particular wheel has ZIG one of the banks, and ZAG on the other. (Trans. Electric Blue)

Metal Wheel: GalaxyEdit

The Galaxy Wheel was originally released in a metallic blue paint scheme. Much like Storm, Cyber, and Pegasus, the Galaxy Wheel’s main shape consists of three wing-like forms to depict the wings of Pegasus. On each of Galaxy’s protrusions are two separate "wings" that are melded together to form one protrusion. (Metallic Yellow Decals)

Spin Track: 90Edit

90 is the second lowest Track, and had been until the release of 85. (Clear Pale Purple)

Tip: HFEdit

HF has a very similar movement speed to that of F, with the main difference being a slight Stamina improvement due to the hole in the middle of the tip. (Clear Pale Purple)


  • 'Zig Zag' was a nickname Dr. Ziggurat became notorious for since his early graduate school years
  • The color scheme and overall shape make this the Prototype for Screw Capricorne
  • The Galaxy wheel, outside of Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F (and it's respective versions) is an incredibly rare metal wheel said to have unique flash speed emulation if powered right, which was one of many reasons why Galaxy Pegasis is so heralded

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