Fusion Toshiro owns the "Forbidden Bey" , Vermillion Helios A:D. He acts like a badboy but he is really a nice and pretty cool guy. He is the Guardian of the Stars.
Fusion Toshiro
Also known as: The Dragon Emperor
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Vermillion Helios A:D
Gender: Male
Race: Legendary Blader
Age: 17
Hair color: Grayish White
Eye color: Gold
Family: Gray Fullbuster (brother)
Friends: Good people
Enemies: Evil people
Occupation: Legendary Blader
Quote: ""Let's end this Helios""
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: When born

Character Design Edit

Fusion looks like an ordinary 17 year old boy but what stands out is his grayish white green hair but over all he is a normal boy. He has gold eyes. He wears a gray jacket with black pants and brown boots.


Fusion can be a bit stubborn sometimes but is quick witted and smart. He is a kind hearted boy who reaches out to anyone in need and will always be looking out for his friends. He works exceptionally well with his friends when working out problems which makes him a great partner to work with.He also sometimes likes to play tricks on people so watch out!

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