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Forever Pegasis C:S will be the evolution of Universe Pegasis WW125LS and will be owned by Gingka and
Forever Pegasis C S
Co. It will also appear in Beyblade: Seeking the Legends taking the place of Universe Pegasis. The information of this bey will become alot clearer...

Face: Pegasis V

Pegasis V is just like Pegasis IV except the design is a hologram and has the wing around the Pegasis' neck with a star just above it's nose.

Clear Wheel: Pegasis V

Pegasis V is a misty purple colour representing space. It's a sort of like the fusion wheel. This contains iron fillings to look like stars.

Metal Wheel: Forever

PC Frame

The PC Frame resembles waves of stardust. The PC frame is clear and has iron fillings inside like the tip and Clear Wheel.

Metal Frame

It looks as it its like a fireball. Around the sides, it has roman numrals showing time will never end. The edges are quite sharp. You could say it's like Sol Blazes' Blaze wheel just outwards.

Tip: Crystal Star

Crystal Star is a clear white tip. It contains iron filings (powder-like substance) to give it a starry effect. Crystal Star has three mode changes that allows Forever Pegasis change from its original height, 125 to 220. The bottom of this tip is rubber. This helps Pegasis to reach great speeds.

Beast: Pegasis

The beast is Pegasis. It's like the previous evolution except this one has roman numrals all over it showing time and space will last forever.

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