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Force Mecha 115MFS
Model of ZGMF-X09A Justice

Force Mecha 115MFS is an Attack Type bey owned by Spiceracksargent001

Launcher: PanzerEdit

The launcher commonly used by Spiceracksargent001. It is a simplistic, pistol-style launcher with a unique Mag-Rail that boosts a bey's launch speed, slightly increasing the bey's Speed and Stamina for the first minute of the battle.

Facebolt: MechaEdit

This Facebolt depicts the head of a Gundam, it is silver on a magenta background.

Energy Ring: MechaEdit

This Energy Ring has 8 sections each like an arm of a robot, it is magenta with silver highlights.

Fusion Wheel: ForceEdit

This Fusion Wheel is similar to the Earth wheel but uses 8 gaps instead of 4 for increased smash attack.

Spin Track: 115Edit

This Spin track is a basic 115 track, it is magenta.

Performance Tip: Metal Flat SharpEdit

This Performance Tip is like the FS tip except it is made of Metal, it is silver.


  • Breaking Force:
A counter-offensive abiltiy, the bey uses the shields of the Fusion Wheel to take a large chunck of the damage from an opponent's attack and return it in the form of a powered-up smash attack.
  • Force Storm:
A rapid flurry of smash attacks that can even chip away an opponent's Fusion Wheel from the speed and force behind each attack.
  • Force Recover:
Perhaps the only Stamina ability in Force Mecha's repetoir, the bey remains stationary in the center of the field and uses the balance of Force Mecha's metal tip to gradually recover RPMs and, therefore, Stamina. The ever-increasing rotation speed also grants an unintended boost to Force Mecha's defense for the duration of the ability's activation

Special MovesEdit

  • Force of the Gundam:
The Bey's beast appears and draws a double-hilted beam saber. The beast then bombards the enemy's beast with a powerful, yet highly deft, combination of sword strikes while the bey itself strikes the enemy with a barrage of peremptorily timed smash attacks and jumping smash attacks.
Force Mecha 115MFS's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
110 50 60 90 90

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