This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-035 Flint Incendry is the Thirty-Sixth release in the Micro Disk system. It is a Class-A Top.

Trajectory Cap: IncendryEdit

Incendry represents a Firefly. The symbol is a simplified, partly rounded design of a firefly with sharp ovular wings. (Trans. Bronze)

Contact Ring: FlintEdit

Flint is a Class-A Ring. It is a lightly embossed ring with a pattern of slanted "comma" shaped protrustions.

Spinpoint: Pinpoint FlatEdit

Similar to the Fusion Wheel system's FS, with regards to minor tilt and exceptional travel speed. (Trans. Atomic Yellow)

Spinpoint Shaft: Shallow Shaft LiteEdit

Shallow Shaft Lite works exactly as the standard Shallow. Except with reduced weight, increasing weight distribution for tilt. (Trans. Atomic Yellow)

Body Shell: Stepped TallEdit

Stepped tall is exactly that, a shell which sits higher but is a series of round surfaces varying sizes downward. This randomizes the travel of a top. (Trans. Bronze)

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