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Lock Locked Evo
Blader must get 3000 BP to use

Flare Typhlosion B:G is an Attack-Type Beyblade to be owned by TyphlosionMaster1. It is the evolution of Blast Typhlosion C:D. Template:Beast2

Face Bolt: Typhlosion IIEdit

This face bolt shows Typhlosion's body wrapped in flames on a red face bolt.

Energy Ring: TyphlosionEdit

This energy ring has two flames that circles around the ring much like the Sol Blaze energy ring. It is red in colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: FlareEdit

Rubber FrameEdit

This part of the wheel is made of rubber that can spin-steal and send blades of fire at the opponent. It is very good against attack types because when they hit the rubber frame they will lose all stamina very quickly.

Metal FrameEdit

The metal frame has flame-like desingns on it that helps the bey with attack power and defense. This part is also very sturdy and thick so it is not easy to smash this beyblade.


This core has hidden spikes that will retract when commanded and it can switch from Stamina-Mode to Attack-Mode.

4D Performance Tip: Blazing Gravitation (B:G)Edit

This tip has flames inside of it that keeps it steady, and it can manipulate heat around it to create blades of heat that attacks the opponents and burns them. This tip also has bearings like B:D. It can switch from Attack-Mode to Stamina-Mode.

Stats Edit

Flare Typhlosion B:G's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
80 65 75 75 80

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