• Alarm bell blares
  • Brother: Oh shut up, who likes beyblade anyway?
  • FastBlade: -__-
  • Brother: Hey shouldn't you be at school?
  • FastBlade: nooo-O.O
  • Brother: Better hurry >:3

FastBlade hurries to school, though he'd much rather beyblade instead

  • Man, why cant I beat anyone. Sure I use Wind Leone 145S, but I have to win SOMETIME
  • Teacher: blah blah blah... And don't forget out three round field trip, today we are going to the Eagle Forest, then the Pyramids of Giza, then finnaly the Aztec Ruins.
  • FastBlade: EAGLE FOREST??? :D
  • Teacher: Yes, we are going to go learn about the legendary bey, Victory Eagle.
  • FastBlade: (And Victory Eagle is exactly what I need for victory.)

Later on FastBlade boards the bus and they head out to the airport.

Finnally, they land in in front of Eagle Forest.

  • FastBlade: (Now if I can sneak away from class, I can go find Eagle)
  • FastBlade: (Aha, this path here should take me to Eagle. I think....)
  • Leaves rustle
  • FastBlade: Huh, who's there?!?!
  • Distant yell
  • FastBlade: Uuuh.... I gotta keep going...
  • booby trap whirs under FastBlade
  • Rock shoots out and hit FB
  • FastBlade: UUGGHOGH
  • FastBlade falls
  • FastBlade: I... gotta be more careful
  • FastBlade gets up
  • Eagle Screeches
  • FastBlade: *turns and jumps
  • arrow passes under FastBlade
  • FastBlade: LET IT RIP!
  • FastBlade: Leone, attack!
  • Anonymous: Useless
  • FastBlade: Huh?
  • Anonymous: PAY ATTENTION! *Launches bey
  • Bey charges Leone and damages Leone's track.
  • FastBlade: No! Leone, charge back!
  • Anonymous: Now switch into defensive mode!
  • FastBlade: Dang! He can read through all my moves!
  • Anonymous: Pitiful. I shall end it now.
  • Bey lifts Leone up with it's track and tosses Leone into FastBlade
  • FastBlade: NO! LEO-ooof...
  • FastBlade stumbles to ground
  • Anonymous: Now I will END YOU!!!
  • FastBlade: Who are you anyway???
  • Anonymous: Oh yes, my name
  • Anonymous: I am The Eagle Guardian. Anyone who defies Eagle will Die! Only a blader who can defeat me may weild Eagle.
  • FastBlade: ooooh, I see.
  • Guardian: Now, I'm afraid I must rid of you.
  • FastBlade: Wait, LOOK!
  • Bald Eagle Flies through forest and rams into Guardian
  • FastBlade: Whoah, Are you- Hey look shiny Bey over there :3
  • Eagle picks up FastBlade
  • Eagle lands safely with FastBlade
  • FastBlade: wow.. Thanks :D
  • Eagle chirps
  • FastBlade: Now... That must be Victory Eagle up there!
  • FastBlade follows the path to Eagle
  • FastBlade: Here it Is! The Legendary Eagle! :D
  • FastBlade: But I can't just abandon Leone.....
  • FastBlade gives Leone to the Forest In exchange for Eagle
  • FastBlade: WOOAAAAAAH!
  • Victory Eagle exerts power
  • FastBlade toughens up and grabs Eagle
  • small explosion

So FastBlade, with his new Victory Eagle EWD175RWD, returns just in time to go to the bus and await his trip to The Great Pyramids Of Giza.

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