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Explosive Pegasus U:D

Explosive Pegasus U:D is an attack type bey created and used by Gingarules.

The name was decided by Gingka and Co.

Facebolt: Pegasus VEdit

The facebolt depicts Pegasus,one of the 88 constellations.It is Dark blue in colour and has quiet a finishing.

Energy Ring: Pegasus VEdit

The energy ring has metal fillings in it,although its very light.It features two wings for Pegasus.Unlike other Pegasus' this one has a much stronger energy ring.It is red and blue in colour.

Fusion Wheel: ExplosiveEdit

PC FrameEdit

The pc frame is used with the metal frame to change between three modes.

Metal Frame:

The metal frame is made completely out of metal.It is used to change between three modes.


The Core has six protrusions. Being made of highly rubber, it is used to absorb hits and obtain more Stamina, as well as providing extra weight.

4D Performance Tip U:D (Union Drive) Edit

It is a mode changing performance tip.It first starts from union mode,which is great for attack and then switches to rubber flat when it loses stamina.Rubber flat can save stamina and also has aggresive movement.

Mode ChangesEdit

This bey has three modes.The first one is ultimate attack mode,which can be used when there is enough stamina.It has a very great attack power.The second is Stamina mode which is used to save stamina for one great final attack(For this the tip should be rubber flat and the core also helps to gain stamina).The last one is reckage mode,which can be done by the union tip.It is used for tthe special move.

Special MoveEdit

With enough stamina,union tip and reckage mode,explosive pegasus can perform its special move Star Thrusters Attack.Pegasus goes up while making its wind tornoda with blue flames.Then it fires flames out like a bullet on its opponent bey.The opponent bey,if tries to resist,hits the tornado with the blue flames and as a result takes damage from both sides(The bullets and the tornado with blue flames).

Statistics: Explosive Pegasus U:DEdit

Explosive Pegasus U:D's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
60 50 45 120 40

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