This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-023 (A) Equatorial Astarel is the twenty-fourth release in the Micro Disk System series, and is included in the Team Nautilus Set. It is a Class-A Top.

Trajectory Cap: AstarelEdit

Astarel is a simple design, based on the Starfish. It is a typical 3D star emboss commonly seen in Texas. It is a pearl opaque copper. A unique color not seen in any other Beyblade.

Contact Ring: EquatorialEdit

Equatorial is a lightly embossed ring with a series of numbers and what resemble the markings of a timer. It is a Class-A Contact Ring.

Spinpoint: Lite Semi-SharpEdit

Semi-Sharp has a very small flat area on the end. The steep edges allow for maximum tilt. Thus heavy attack balance is projected. This is a less dense version with an air gap/hole placed in. (Opaque Copper)

Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Low ShaftEdit

Semi-Low is the third lowest shaft. Its primary focus is contact ring destabilizing. (Opaque Copper)

Body Shell: Surround KnuckleEdit

Surround Knuckle is a generic height/width shell, with rectangular studs surrounding the rim. (Translucent Amber)

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