Endure Galea R230 EMS

It's a stamina bey owned by The Warrior Blader and is part of the "Warrior" bey group. It can spin to the left.

Launcher: ExcaliburEdit

The launcher is none other than the mighty Excalibur. The bey is attached to the blade of the sword and the blader launches the bey by doing a slash.

Face Bolt: GaleaEdit

It represents a helmet. "Galea" is the latin name for helmet.

Energy Ring: GaleaEdit

It is of a green colour, similar to Libra's. It represents helmet modelisations, made so that it can repel aggressors effectively. The upper parts of the helmet are made of rubber.

Fusion Wheel: EndureEdit

It looks like a fusion between Flame and Burn. It's as thin as Flame with the form of Burn with some holes however in defence mode. In stamina mode, it's smooth with rubber parts to absorb hits and repel other beys more effectively.

Spin Track: Rubber 230Edit

To not mistake with R145. It's like 230, but made out of rubber. It absorbs hits better that way.

Performance Tip: Eternal Metal SharpEdit

It's like ES, but the free-spinning tip is made out of metal. It has metal bearings like B:D, to economise stamina. Basically, it's the fusion of B:D, ES and MS. It's a monster of stamina.


Divine Light: Galea produces a light so strong that it blinds the opponent temporally(4–5 seconds). The blader is not affected by the light.

Foe Regeneration: It charges to the opposant bey and turns around it by touching it a little to gain stamina due to the opposite spin velocities. It doesn't work against left-spinning beys.

Special Move: Tilt DodgeEdit

Galea uses it's tip and spin track to dodge slightly every attack in the next 5 minutes while recuperating some stamina the same way as Foe Regeneration, but gains more. The stamina gain doesn't work on left-spinning beys. This special move can be activated only when Galea gets to it's end.

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