Elemental Cerberus EA350 EUWD
Face Bolt: Cerberus {{{requip}}}: {{{requipname}}}
The Face Bolt depicts Cerberus. In Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus, or Kerberos, was the three-headed hound of the ruler of the Underworld, Hades, who guarded the Gates of Hell. The design shows Cerberus' three heads on a translucent gold background, while the Cerberus heads are biting the chains going through the edges of their mouths. {{{requipdesc}}}
Element Wheel: Elemental Chrome Wheel: Cerberus
Cerberus has a three winged designs like Hades with a notch separating each. It is very useful in Defense and Stamina customizations, especially on Elemental. Its Red designs and the Black designs represent the chains of Hades. The orange parts at the sides of the chains represent fire. Cerberus is very useful when paired with the Elemental Fusion Wheel in combos such as Elemental Cerberus EA or Hades Kerbecs BD145EWD (Boost Mode). An extremely good Defense combo such as MF-H Earth/Basalt Kerbecs GB145RS is pretty useful to defeat low and high Attack customs. It is blood red in color. This chrome wheel is an expert on defense it is solid flat so this chrome wheel can cause a huge centrifugal force to attack it's opponent very hard.

When you change modes , The chrome wheel also has some spikes to cause some serious recoil. It is 15 grams heavy.

Spin Track: EA350 Performance Tip: Eternal Ultimate Wide Defense
(EA stands for Eternal attack). This Spin Track is very high causing it weight and defense. Eternal attack causes recoil just like WD145 but the wings are larger and in the corners they are longer and more sharper and heavier causing it EVEN MORE centrifugal force. It is an upgraded version of EWD and EDS combined. This performance tip has extremely great balance. If you attack the bey that is using this performance tip , it will act like at is blitz striker is using barrage attacks on phantom Orion.

Elemental Cerberus EA350 EUWD
Hades Flame: The spin track changes weight which causes a huge centrifugal force. This may cause it to wobble as if rock leone was pushing flame libra in beyblade metal fusion.

Legend Active violent menacing strike: This ability, Cerberus surrounds itself in fire and it's speed increases. It then rushes toward the opposing bey, sending the opponents bey flying , then then the bey comes down, Cerberus barrages it multiple times thus losing balance.

True legend Cerberus emperor Armageddon: This is a legendary ability that allows Cerberus to go into defensive mode and creates a shadowy shield and help assist it in protecting itself from attacks and certain abilities. It's weight is then increased in order to take hits much more efficiently.

Special Move

Ultimate legend Cerberus emperor Hades entrance:

Elemental Cerberus EA350 EUWD
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