Ebony Nargacuga
400px-Nargacuga display

This is beyblade is the second version of Dark Leopard MS and the more stronger Version. The owner is Claude Byakuran.Which he found in the Grand Jungle ,inside a black emerald.


This Bitium decipts a nargacuga(a legendary bat panther

HT-Disk Panther ClawsEdit

This HT-disk has 3 blades that can be switched to offence properties and counter properties.The counter Can turn beyblades rushing to into a different direction .Its Offense Property Is very critical for smash attack.

Spin-Wing:Panther BladesEdit

This spin wing resembles the Wing Attacker spin track but with 12 blades.It can also change to offence and conter properties.

Tri Sensor:Panther senseEdit

This tri sensor begins as a defence than later on attacks with high speed and power.It can also jump up and off objects.Its style of moving is like a panther hunting its prey. This also has counter and attack properties which makes this bey a pure balance .


  • The Cluades previous bey broke by some extremly tough opponent so he after then went to go get this new one.
  • The Bit beast in this bey is the genuine Nargacuga.Others with the same beast are prototypes or replicas.

Special movesEdit

  • Midnight Claw barrage:a mighty attack that strikes with pure accuracy and attack.
  • Ninja's moon:this move drains almost all the stanima of its opponent leaveing it extremly vulnerable for attacks.
  • Narga unleash:Nargacuga gets unleashed and attacks its opponent if he/she has a beast inside their beyblade.

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