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Earth Dragons X:60
A Earth

Earth Dragons X:60 is a Bey owned by Shade. It is a variation of Ice and Chaos Dragons and can switch to any "Dragons" in a battle.

Facebolt: Dragons

Dragons features glowing Green eye with a dark-brown background.

Energy Ring: Dragons

Dragons is a brown Energy Ring that contains spikes to slow down the opponent, they close and open on command.

Spin Track: X

X is a spin track. Not much is known about it except that it has rotating blades.

Performance Tip: 60

60 is a Performance Tip that harnesses the power of Earth. It takes years to Master.

Special Moves

  • Earthquake: Earth's first special move. An Earthquake appears in the stadium making the opposing Bey wobble, making it unable to attack.
  • Force Smash: Earth coats Dragons and he slams into the opponent.
  • Jump Landing: Dragons flies high up and comes smashing down into the opponent.

Tremor, Level 1-5

  • ​Level 1 Tremor: Dragon's stats are doubled.
  • Level 2 Tremor: The opponent's stats are cut inhalf.
  • Level 3 Tremor: The opposing Bey is held in-place for a free-hit.
  • Level 4 Tremor: Stones surrond the opposing Bey, every attack the stones hit the Bey losing it's stamina.
  • Level 5 Tremor: The opposing Bey loses half it's stats, Dragons's stats are doubled and he unleashes a flurry of attacks.

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