Drex Hydro SS125RWD

Face Bolt: HydroEdit

, A large dragon of thunder is printed on the face bolt similar to the picture you see to the right, this face bolt is a metal face bolt so it weighs the bey down more a sturdier bey. This Face Bolt is yellow .

Energy Ring: HydroEdit

, this energy ring has 2 blue dragons swirling around it and a line of spikey scales down each of the dragons backs for good attacks. This energy ring weighs less than alot of other because there is already a metal Face.

Fusion Wheel: DrexEdit

, This is a quite unique fusion wheel that has two upper blades and two lower blades, making a total of 4 blades on the fusion wheel, the two lower blades act as defense shield protecting the bey from most attacks, the two upper blades are for attack and act as two dragons fiercly raming into one another. The wheel is Silver with yellow and blue markings.

Spin Track: SS125Edit

, This spin track has sharp spikes that stick out from under the bey and they can be used for attack or defense, when these spikes hit the opponents bey they deliver tiny hits that chip away at the opponents metal wheel everytime it hits the opponents bey. This spin track is a Translucent yellow.

Performance Tip: RWDEdit

, this performance tip rubber wide defense is a very good tip. with the friction of the rubber on the stadium it is hard to move and when it leans on its side or gets hit it can transition to an attack type and thanks to that sudden burst of speed it can seem as if the bey has dissapeared similar to ray strikers movement.

Abilities and Special MovesEdit

1st Ability: Thunder Winds, The Fusion wheel creates a thundery tornado, by spinning extremly fast, to block of attacks, the thunder comes from the electrons in the air negatively charge the wind for extra defense.

2cnd Ability: Shock Wave, The Bey itself makes a big shock wave sent out in one direction to hit the other bey of balance The wave is sent out by the friction of the face bolt against the spintrack.

3rd Ability: Final Lightning, The Bey leans on its rubber wide defense performance tip to make quick movements and crash into the other bey like quick lightning strikes.

Special Move: Twin Dragon Lighting Strike, The bey goes up into the air and on the way down starts twisting to build up speed and crash into the other bey.


Drex Hydro SS125RWD's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
35 110 40 50 50

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