Bastet godess of cats

Dream Bastet GH145P

Bastet godess of cats

Dream Bastet is a Stamina type bey made and owned by Luka Megurine Knife

Face Bolt: BastetEdit

The Face bolt depicts a black and gold cat with razor sharp fangs. The back ground is dark grey and the outline to show the cat's details is Gold. This represents the Egyptian goddess Bastet. The facebolt is pure metal and weighs down Bastet to improve balance and attack.

Energy Ring: BastetEdit

The black and gold energy ring allows Bastet to maintan balance. The ring keeps Bastet to stay even so it's harder to knock over. However the ring doesn't work that well and is very weak so it only helps Bastet slightly. It improves as she grows stronger.

Fusion Wheel: DreamEdit

This fusion wheel is mainly for stamina and attack types but since Bastet is a Stamina type it doesn't matter. Dream has 8 small protrusions with small, deep gaps between each one. With the protrusions, this also gives it standard attack use as well.

Spin Track:Gold HyroglyphEdit

This spin track is a black average size spin track that has gold hyroglyphics painted on it. The words translate to Dream Bastet. When the glyphs can be turned into energy and be shot at opposing beys as an ability.

Performance Tip: PyramidEdit

looks like a upside down great pyramid and is farely small. Although it is small, it is free spinning. As its free spinning, this energy it produces distributes through the bey thus, increasing stamina.

Special MoveEdit

  • Pyramid Destruction- Bastet rams into foe and attacks several times vigorously.



  • Temple Block- Bastet puts up a thin shield to protect it's self slightly.


  • Hyroglyph Explosion- Bastet's spin track's hyroglyphs radiate energy which can be shot at the opponent in the shape of the hyroglphs itself, however it's currently rather weak.


  • Pyramid Rotation- This move allows Bastet to regain lost stamina from the free spinning tip off its Pyramid.


Dream Bastet GH145P's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
55 60 55 110 65

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