This bey is the evloution of Dark Wolf.

Face Bolt: Wolf II

This face bolt is mainly similar to Wolf I except it is black with red text and minor differences on the picture. For example, there are 4 wolf heads (rather than 1) As well, it is extremely light.

Energy Ring: Wolf II

It is black with the same wolf heads as on Wolf I, but it has spikes grasping the fusion wheel as well as jutting spikes that can hit the opposing Bey. Half of the spikes are red and half are black.

Fusion Wheel: Doom

Metal Frame

It is black. It has 4 protrusions with teeth at the top of each one, grasping both the PC frame and the energy ring for extra defense as well as low probability of a battle resulting in a crash out (They secure the PC frame as well as the energy ring).


It is red. Four small protrusions, slightly longer than the metal frame, cover the bottoms of the protusions on the metal frame but can be turned for maximum attack.

4D Bottom: Aerial Force

Half is red/half is black. It is a modified version of UW145, DF145,as well as T125. It has 4 blades (Like DF145) that can be turned up for maximum attack and down for good defense/stamina. As well as those, it is possible to turn it so far up that it can float. The bottom of it is similar to EWD. The wings are very wide (they reach to the edge of the fusion wheel.)To scoop up air much better.

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