This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
I got bored so i decided to make a bey in the 4 picer system hope you enjoy

Face Bolt: DolphioEdit

The face bolt depicts a dolphin. On the motif shows a dolphin in a circle with its head near its tail because it's in a circle.

Wheel: DolphioEdit

The wheel shows dolphin-like heads diving towards the bottom of the wheel. There are 4 dolphin heads for the top, bottom and 2 sides. Between each head is a assortment of ridges for barrage attacks.

Spin Track: 125Edit

A simple mid-hight track between 105 and 145. No addons and nothing really special.

Performance Tip: DefenceEdit

Kinda like a wider version of sharp. It's in most beyblade combonations and has good marks in defence, hence the name, "Defence".


Dolphin Dive: Dolphio Jumps on the bey and attacks.

Aquatic Wall: Dolphio makes a water shield to defend from incoming attacks.

Dolphio Wave: Hurls a wave at the opponents bey, putting it off balance.

Special MoveEdit

Dolphio Hydro Storm: It vibrates the ground to make the earth crack a bit and make a tidal wave, which Dolphio rides and slashes into the opponent.

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