The owner of this Beyblade has retired. As a sign of respect, we are retiring this Beyblade. No one but the original user is to use it, regardless the use.

Divine Saviour MS:UV

Divine Saviour MS:UV
Susanoomon b
Owner: User:Gallantmon v.X
Launcher KC Duel Disk: Golde Edition
Type: MS UV Stamina
Pre-Evolution Majestic Saviour MS UV
Evolution Saviour Mk3

Face Bolt: Divine

Unlike Regular Face Bolts, This Face Bold Depics The Divine Attribute. This Attribute Is Only Given To the Holiest Of Creatures. This Attribute Can Also Be Used To Call Upon The 6 Legedanary Bit-Beats or Their Master, Divine Saviour

Energy Ring: Saviour X

Saviour X is an Energy Ring with a gold design. Its bottom magnetically attracts directly onto the Fusion Wheel, which allows it to dual-spin. If used correctly with the Center Wheel, this Bey can spin in both directions.

Fusion Wheels: Excalibur

Divine Saviours has 5 different wheels attatched. Each wheel is similar to that of a circle saw. These wheeles work directly with its face bolt, top, center, bottom layers, and metallic tip. While spinning the the top and 3 center wheels stores energy from each piece while secretly absorbing the opponents energy. The energy stolen, is then multipled as the core rotates. The center wheel, cuts and manipulates the air around it drastically increasing its speed. stamina, and attack.

Spin Tracks: Path of the Gods

The Tracks' Design is Simillar to the Fusion Wheel. This Track Has 5 Modes. Each Varies By The Stats:

Attack This Track Boosts Attack While The Two Beys Are Colliding. This Track Manipulates The Fusion Wheeles Forcing Them Creating A Friction of Energy. This Energy is Then Sent To The Track In Turn, Increasing the Attack.
Defense This Track Decrease The Percent Of Damage Taken. This Track Manipulates The Beys Ability To Spin In Reverse, in Doing So, The Bey Spins In The Opposite Dirrection as The Attacking Bey.
Stamina This Track Allows The Stamina To Be Conserved By Lowering the Tip and Weight on The Metal Tip. Although The Speed is Reduced, Due To The Air Spinning The Tip, Speed Does Not Reduce
Balance This Track Help Prevent The Bey From Loosing Proportion. This Is Done By Sending 1/2 The Energy To The Core In Ture Balancing The Entire Bey
Speed This Track Decrease The Opponents Ability To Hit. By Switching to The 5cm tip, The wind that was maniputalted by the wheels creates a somewhat small Tornado Under The Wheels, Increasing The Tips Rotation and in Turn Speed.

Performance Tip: Golden Drill

The Golden Drill is a customized varient of the MS preformance tip. The GD is meant for increase in speed, stamina, and sharper turns. The small blades near the bottom allow it to drill into the stadium and create cracks. The Blades Also Serve To Have A Greater Balance of Wind To Energy Spin Ration. This Tip Also Protects From Sinking, By using the blades to balance

Divine Powers (Abilities):

Divine Strikes (Attack)

The Fusion Wheels, Face Bolt, and Spin Track Rapidly Spin. This Creates A Crush Mode, increasing the impact of the beys attacks. This attack is a series of barrages. This Mode Is Permanent until switched out

Protego Maxima (Defense)

An electromagnetic barrier (as a result of the friction with the stadium and the metals conductivity) forms around it and the arena it's above. The Barrier is sends any attack sent at the bey back at the bey with twice the force, due to the distribution of electrons and force created by the outer electronic shell.

Divine Path (Balance)

The Metal Tip Keeps The Bey Balanced When It Comes Down From The Sky. This is Done By Sending energy To The Core and Switching to the Balance Track. As A Result, The Even Distributed Energy, Supports the Bey and Its Tip.

Warrior's Pride (Stamina)

This Move Restores Its Stamina. This Occurs When All The Absorbed Energy Within Saviours Divine Core, which is within a hidden compartment within the bey, is released and evenly distributed.

Frozen World (Speed)

The Wheels spin in reverse (Top/Bottom: Left Center:Right), lowering the temperature, freezing solid all winds, dew, and mist, and opposing beyblades due to the wind around it being frozen .Unknown to the opponent the wind released by the beys tip while spinning, is slowly decreased creating an ice crystal around the tip. This new tip makes its alot harder for the bey to move. This new tip also takes alot of stamina out of the bey. As long as there are strong winds, dew, or mist, this ability is in play. Due To It Coming from outside the bey, Saviour himself is unnafected

Ninjitsu Art:

The components spin in reverse as the beys face bolt magnets manipulate the electron configuration around it. The Bey Is Then Freely To Spin Faster and Faster. It then Uses the free electrons to manipulate the light waves around it, creating an illusion that it disappears!

Martyr Curse:

Using electrons around you, activate only during when using the attack ability. Select 1 beyblade you control and 1 beyblade your opponent controls. Due to the electrons around, both beys MUST battle. As a side effect, neither bey may activate any other abilities.


Divine Saviour goes from one Beyblade to 7 Beyblades. Each Bey Controls a Different Attibute:

  • Hydrus controls Water
  • RyuX controls Fire
  • L-Destructo controls Dark
  • Soring Wildblaze controls Wind
  • Cyrannus controls Earth
  • Slifer controls Light
  • and Divine Saviour Controls The Divine Attribute

Final Bombardment- Can Only Be Used ONCE

The Seven Different Attributes Begin To Circle The Arena. As Each Spin, They Create A Vortex of Golden Wind. They Spin Until A Closed Barrier of Wind Surrounds The Entire Arena. Each Then Flies To The Top With Saviour. The Each Then Create A Barrier Around The Fusion Wheels And Face Bolt Made of Their Attribute. Afterwards Each Bey Barrages The Opponent Bey, Using The Modified Fusion Wheel To Deal Them Critical Damage.

Divine Fusion

All Seven Beys Fuse Into The Ultimate Bey Of Good. The Light Of Hope, The Creator Of Light! This Bet Then Blinds The Blader. It Goes To The Sky and Fires A Beam of Solar Light, Dealing Critical Damage

Malefic Fusion

All Beys Fuse Into That Which Should Not Be Named. The Bey Made of Darkness, Zorc Necrophades! Zorc Devours The Arena, Covering It In Complete Darkness. He Is Now Protected By The Darkness. Afterwards, His Dragon Fires A Series of Pulsars, Slicing Up the Bey

Divine Savior's Statistcs:

Attack Defense Balance Stamina Speed
260 260 260 280 265


  • This Bey Has The Ability To Master All 6 Elements.


This article, Divine Saviour MS:UV, is property of Gallantmon v.X.

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