Divine Dragon
Lightning dragon summoning

Face BoltEdit

This Clear Facebolt Depics a Dragon as seen to the right.==

Energy RingEdit

The Energy Ring is clear and has two dragons with horns coming from both of them twisting around the ring.

Fusion WheelEdit

The fusion wheel Divine Is Just plain silver and its a normal Divine Wheel.

Spin TrackEdit

The Spin Track Is just 145 that is clear and its just a normal 145.

Performance TipEdit

This Tip is W2D which stands for wide defense 2 this performance tip is clear as well.


1: Dragon Storm, Divine Dragon swirls up the air around it to create a tornado that can be used for attack and defense.

2: Air Bullets, Divine Dragon takes the air aound it swirls it up and then releases it at the opposing bey in tiny bullets.

3:Divine Breaker, The bey hits its fusion wheel against the ground to propel itself at the opponents bey it makes large dug trails in the stadium.

Special MovesEdit

1: Divine Frozen World, the bey use the air currents and spins them the opposite way to make a freezing air current which the makes every others bey mechanics cold and frosted so mode changes are impossible and it is hard for them to move around in the stadium.

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