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Destruction Nemesis D:D is a Balance-Type Beyblade owned by Zero. It was created by absorbing the power from Phazer Unicorno, Universe Pegasis and Crown Clown.

Face Bolt: Nemesis IIEdit

The Nemesis II face has a skull-like design with some details of the beys it was created from, Like Phazer Unicorno's mane, Universe Pegasis' wings and Crown Clown's eyes. All combined into a skull-like face bolt.

4D Energy Ring: Nemesis IIEdit

The Nemesis II rings has the horns of Phazer Unicorno and the wings of Universe Pegasis. It has metal fillings in it to increase weight like all 4D Energy Rings. It is dark grey in colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: DestructionEdit

Metal FrameEdit


4D Performance Tip: Death Drive (D:D)Edit

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