These are all the Delta Triangle Beyblades from Wave 1 & 2! Wave 1: 1-29

Beyblade Name: Beyblade Represents: Bey Classification: Bey Number:
*Galaxy Destroyer Perseus Attack 1
*Insanity Theseus Theseus Balance 2
*Earth Bucerius Ibex Defense 3
*Surge Colotes Lizard Attack 4
*Flame Arrow Bow & Arrow Stamina 5
*Storm Corvus Raven Balance 6
Evil Caetus Shark Defense 7
*Wing Accipiter Hawk Stamina 8
*Wing Screo Hawk Stamina 9
*Death Arietem Skeleton Ram Attack 10
Dark Vespertilionem Bat Balance 11
*Hideous Insulsus Two Headed Monster Defense 12
Death Sceletus Skeleton Dinosaur Balance 13
Inferno Vulpes Fox Balance 14
Fleet Hermes Hermes Stamina 15
*Evil Ashpin Tree Attack 16
*Dark Leone Lion Defense 17
Royal Regnum Crown Defense 18
Grand Aevus Clock Defense 19
Dark Rhinocerotis Unicorn Balance 20
*Rock Bubalus Buffalo Defense 21
Horn Alces Moose Balance 22
Poison Anguis Snake Stamina 23
Evil Canis Dog Attack 24
Torch Gladius Gladiator Defense 25
Counter Scarabaeus Scarab Beetle Defense 26
Night Cervinus Deer Stamina 27
Burn Sciurus Squirrel Stamina 28
Lightning Feles Cat Attack 29

Wave 2: 30-58

Beyblade Name: Beyblade Represents: Beyblade Classification: Bey Number:
Hideous Pecus Shark Man Attack 30
Midnight Rider Horse Rider Balance 31
Rock Ave Turtle Defense 32
Star Ursa Bear & Cubs Attack 33
Inferno Satyrus Satyr Stamina 34
Ray Occisor Knife Attack 35
Poison Aranea Spider Balance 36
Thermal Trygon Stingray Stamina 37
Hyper Delphinus Dolphin Attack 38
Torch Gurges Fiery Turkey Stamina 39
Burn Fumo Smolder Stamina 40
Torch Facula Flaming Torch Balance 41
Graceful Embolium Ballerina Stamina 42
Storm Volatus Flight Attack 43
Claw Carcinus Crab Balance 44
Dark Dragon Dragon Attack 45
Earth Minotaurus Minotaur Defense 46
Rock Bison Bison Balance 47
Galaxy Magus Wizard Attack 48
Evil Scorpiarius Goblin Stamina 49
Brute Asininus Donkey Balance 50
Counter Corcodilus Crocodile Defense 51
Horn Capreae Gazelle Stamina 52
Fury Meles Badger Defense 53
Lightning Murena Electric Eel Attack 54
Dark Tarandrus Reindeer Stamina 55
Kill Ictis Ferret Balance 56
Thunder Rana Frog Stamina 57
Hyper Muris Mouse Attack 58

Would you like to be part of this Metal Saga? Choose one of these Beyblades (other than the ones with stars by them) for you. Then leave a message on Carmerville's User Page. Tell him what Bey you choose and your character name. Thanks! Let it Rip!!!

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