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Deathless Knight is a Defense Type Beyblade owned by Beymaniac505. It is the evolution of Vanguard Knight SS:D.Template:Beast2

Facebolt:MF3-R Knight IIEdit

Metal Face 3 Rubber is a special facebolt that contains rubber on the outside. It is far heavier than a normal facebolt and Metal Face. It is hard to unscrew.

Knight II has a Knight Head covered in a Dark Background and only some of it is seen. If one were to look closely, in the shadow, there are light grey smokes forming the words "KNIGHT". It still has the same colored facebolt.

Energy Ring: Knight IIEdit

Knight has made a full makeover compared to Knight I. Knight is heavier and is tall, giving it a resemblance to a shield and has good Defensive propeties.It is still made of metal despite being a Energy Ring. It is also heavy at the sides, adding to the stamina.There are two Sword-Like designs on it and is black.

Fusion Wheel: DeathlessEdit

This wheel is made and fitted with special metal that is sharper than Diamond. It combines all useful Defensive Feature such as Free-spinning wheels, Rubber Frames and Heavy weight. It has 6 parts:

Metal Frames (2):Edit

Heavy Defence Frame:Edit

This Frame is used to crush beys under it's weight due to it being 40 kg. It is said that this Frame is made from a special material and can defend well. The frame itself is a wide circular wheel mainly used for defense and to give the bey it's weight. It is exactly 40g alone and could be one of the heaviest frames.

Shield Frame:Edit

The Shield Frame has a shield-like appearance. The Frame has various bumps and curves, circling around it is a sliver ring with a strange linear design. This ring is free-spinning and can deflect enemy attacks.

Rubber Frame:Edit

This Rubber Frame is meant to make other incoming Beys bounce away from Death and to spin-steal, shock-absorb etc. It is quite compact with various designs on it that resemble smoke swirling around; along with various dots as well. It is a black in colour.

PC Frames (2):Edit

Lock Frame:Edit

The Lock Frame, as it's name suggests, it meant to lock everything into place. This Frame is translucent black. The Frame's only purpose is to hold all the parts into place.

Switch Mode Frame:Edit

This Frame is meant to switch modes. It is connected to the Shield Frame. To change modes, one must twist the Frame 90 degrees in any direction. For modes, see [[.|Modes]].


The core is flat with strange, ancient carvings. It is a basic, circular Core with not much detail. It is black and is made of metal.

4D Performance Tip: Automatic Cannon: TrackEdit

AC:T has a special track that is filled with small bearings. These bearings can be fired out automatically when the bey has extremely high spin. This 4D Performance Tip is not really a Performance Tip" but a 4D Performance Track. The tip is a Ball Sharp.

This article, Deathless Knight AC:T, is property of Beymaniac505.

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