Death Quetzalcoatl BD145MWD

Death Quetzalcoatl BD145MWD is a Defense-type beyblade owned by Camoclone.

Face Bolt: QuetzalcoatlEdit

The face bolt depicts Quetzocoatl a feathered serpent.It is the meseormanian god of the sky.

Energy Ring: QuetzalcoatlEdit

It depicts two cobras across from each other. They both have wings. It is gold in color. It has metal fillings in it making it have good defense.

Fusion wheel: DeathEdit

It has two modes attack and defense mode. It is very heavy only 3 grams less then twisted so it can't be pushed very far. It can change modes in battle.

Spin Track: Boost Disk 145Edit

Boost disk protects Death Quetzalcoatl from low attackers. It extends past the fusion wheel. It scrapes sometimes.

Performance Tip: Metal Eternal Wide DefenseEdit

This tip is exactly like EWD except made out of metal. This reduces friction. On a metal stadium it produces sparks


Aerial Poision: It is launched upside down and this makes it spin left.

Air and sky: It becomes sideways and when someone touches him he flies into the air. And comes down pointing at them sideways causing it to speed tword the opponents bey.

Poision defense: Secreatly quetacoatl lets its opponent attack it but because it has so good defense it does not loose stamina but instead slowly eats away opponents stamina.


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