This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Dark Proto 130F is Madoka Amano's Beyblade in the Metal Tides canon.

It is sold as a Booster outside the U-Series as a Generic Booster in a package that is only slightly smaller than the Metal Masters' packs. Madoka is seen in the spirited pose, smile, and wink on it's package's backside.

Face Bolt: Metal Face CustomizeEdit

MF2 are the upgrade to the Metal Face Bolts that were released on July 24, 2010. They weigh heavier and now have four "parts" that can be used differently in order to distribute weight. (Clear White)

Mold VariationsEdit

Since the early production of Dark Proto 130F, MF2 had dropped the engraved motive inside the center. This increases the weight of MF2 by a simple margin. But further studies suggest a greater internal weight ratio.

Clear Wheel: Proto (Omega) Edit

The banks to the facebolt (where decals are typically applied to) have a female gender symbol engraved. Supposedly a signature confirming the female athletics department of the WBBA. (Translucent Purple)

Spin Track: 130Edit

130 is a Spin Track of medium/tall height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130. (Translucent Purple)

Performance Tip: FEdit

Flat, as it's name suggests, is a flat plastic Performance Tip and the pre-HWS equivalent of Flat Core (HMS) and SG Flat. (Translucent Purple)


  • This is essentially Madoka's alternate-canon version of Mad Cancer 145F
  • In an earlier ark of Metal Tides, part 1, Aleksei offers Dark Proto 130F to Madoka in amends for displaying inappropriate sportsmanship, and the fact she couldn't blade when they first met. It also fuelled her petty crush on him.
  • The Omega embossed wheel is a symbol of WBBA's Female Athletics Department connections.
  • Madoka interrupted Kyoya's Leone 145D after he attempted to perform a surprise Force Wall Slash from a cliff side.

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