This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

This is the original beyblade and the first one in the universe. This bey is so powerful that noone can own it except for the unknown True Legendary Blader. This bey can defeat all of the beys in the entire universe combined and nothing can beat it. Not even the Big Bang, Big Crunch, Big Bounce and the Big Rip plus all of the radioactive and energetic explosions in the universe (ex. Black Holes,Gamma Ray Bursts,Quasars,Hypernovas,Supernovas and Novas and all the explosions in the universe) and all of the special moves of all the beyblades in the universe and beyond stopped it(not even one little scratch).


Attack: more than infinite Defense: more than infinite Control: more than infinite Stamina: more than infinite Speed: more than infinite Absorb: more than infinite


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