D Poison Eagle W:T
MFB Eagle

Face Bolt: EagleEdit

The face bolt depics an eagle with dark strands going around it. This is a metal face bolt to make the bey heavier than it regularly would be. It is purple in color.

Energy Ring: EagleEdit

The energy ring has one eagle flying on each side of it. It is a clear purple ring. This energy ring is heavier than a regular energy ring.

4D Fusion Wheel: Double PoisonEdit

Metal Frame Edit

The metal frame is just a purple colored poison that is really high in defense to ward of normal attacks and some abilities. This Wheel is very thick and very hard to push out.


The core is a Second Posion wheel Just compacted under the metal frame, on comand This second poison wheel unfolds to make 1poison wheel on top of another for maximized defense power. This makes the bey way to hard to move with normal attacks and abilities.

4D Performance Tip: Wide:TipsEdit

This performance tip is very similar to D:D but it uses 3 wide tips. The bey can use either the Wide Defense tip witch is very good for defense, Then It can use The Wide Ball tip witch is also very good in defense but has good stamina as well, and the last tip it uses is Wide Flat which is for an attack pattern and attack power This Tip works really well with both poison wheels out.


1: Posion Block: The bey uses both poison wheels to block of an attack at any moment(best used with Wide Defense Tip).

2: Straight Defense: The bey uses both posion wheels for maximized defense and just takes every attack that comes its way.

3: Wing Smash: The bey rushes at the opponent with tremendous power and smashes into with its 15 bladed wheel to chip away at the opponents wheel. That will make the other bey eventually will loose balance because of the metal wheel being unstable from the chips(best used with Wide Flat Tip).

4: Poison Barrage: The bey repeatidly smashes the other bey to make it loose balance and start to wobble.

5: Poison Trap: They bey circles the other bey while hitting so the other bey cannot escape this attack or dodge it once it starts.

Dark MoveEdit

Eagle Poison Ariel Smash: The opposing bey gets driven off the side of the arena and flung into the air then Eagle soars higher than the bey and then drives it down into the stadium floor with a big crash.

Uprising Darkness Flare Blast: The bey switches to WF tip and circles the edge of the stadium at max speed and then in the center of the stadium eagle concentrates its dark power and and upward explosion occurs of flames and darkness and the other bey is crushed.

D Poison Eagle W:T's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
50 40 50 120 60

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