'Face Bolt:'Virgo

The Face depicts Virgo, the 6th of the Zodiac, and one of the 88 constellations of stars in space.

Energy Ring:Virgo

Weight:2.8 grams

This Energy Ring has a smooth, flowing design to emulate a woman's hair.This Ring also features notches on each side.

Fusion Wheel:Cyclone

The Cyclone Wheel is shown to have 3 jagged "wings" that show strong Upper Attack abilities. So this wheel provides good attack.

Spin Track:ED145 (Eternal Defense 145)

This track has 3 "wings" that spin freely.Because they spin freely this provides good defense. This track also gives friction between the beys.

Performance Tip:Eternal Sharp

This tip provides excellent stamina.This tip features a free-spinning tip around a metal shaft. Since this tip has metal it provides weight, but just a little.

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